How Shaikh Suman taunted Shaikh at dwelling with Qawwali, know – full replace of the 57th day of Bigg Boss home

bigg boss 16 day 57 WRITTEN UPDATE: Bigg Boss season 16 (Bigg Boss 16) has grow to be very unusual now. On a regular basis one thing new is occurring in the home. Within the newest episode of Bigg Boss, Shekhar Suman (Shekhar Suman) enters with Large Bulletin and this time Shekhar Suman entertains the home with Bhari Qawwali. Bigg Boss punishes the testers who sleep in the home. Refusal of Abhiranjan’s punishment ends in punishment for all the home. Discover out what else occurs within the episode of Day 56.

Archan stops questions on Soundarya and Gautam’s relationship
The November 27 episode of Bigg Boss Anthem begins. Archana questions the connection between Magnificence and Gautam Vij and says that they’d a faux relationship. Archana additionally says that Karan Johar had additionally mentioned this. Whereby magnificence denies this. Shok Nimrit is seen crying. Shiva, Sajid, Stan and Abdu ask her why she is crying. On this Nimrit says that she talks to individuals with manners however even then individuals don’t speak to her properly. He’s saying pointing at Tina. Shiv then sees Nimrit witnessing Tina coming to him and saying that she is born and needs to grow to be a captain.

Shekhar Suman taunted Vivek via Qawwali’s home
After this, Shekhar Suman’s entry takes place in the home. This time Sheikh Suman says that that is my final change. After this all of the contestants say that no sir, this can not occur. On this Shekhar Suman says that I’m not like Shaleen who takes his tongue. After this Sheikh Suman is like anxious within the identify of agreeing harmonic outstanding at dwelling. Josh additionally entertains fiercely via the good Suman Shekhwali. The housemates are additionally seen dancing on Shekhar Suman’s Qawwali.

Argument once more between Ankit and Preach
Tina asks Bigg Boss to make her the captain. Whereas Nimrit Stan and Shiv say that they need to train the whole lot to Tina. Shok Ankit asks picture why is he so quiet in the home. On this Ankit says that I can not shout right here. Ankit asks Mool if we each cannot speak collectively. On this Priyanka says that you don’t discuss something, that’s the reason I shout. Whereas there, Shaleen tries to speak to Tina however Tina retains on refusing. Shaleen repeatedly tries to speak to Tina however when Tina doesn’t speak, Shaleen leaves.

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Large Boss punishes the sleeping home
Atal Shiv, Stan, Nimrit and Sumbul are having a pillow struggle whereas Arn, Shaleen, Picture, Magnificence and Ankit are discovered sleeping. Bigg Boss additionally performs kookdu-ku-kookdu-ku however no householder will get up. For this, Large Boss can be making King Shiva a candidate and says that you just need to stay good in everybody’s eyes, so now we are going to do one thing. Bigg Boss asks Shiv to maintain a chair within the backyard space and offers an alert for water on the 5 sleeping members. To start with, they’re chained and the housemates throw water on them from a mug. After this, Distinctive sits on the chair and all of the housemates throw water on him as properly. Everybody asks Archana to take the punishment however Dharayan says I’m allergic to chilly water and I get fever and refuses to take the punishment. After this, Shaleen is seated on the chair and all of the housemates throw water on him.

Archana’s punishment for the entire home
Shiva repeatedly celebrates the worship with pomp however expresses that sizzling water comes for me and I’ll get the water poured solely as soon as. Jalan goes shouting that Nimrit, now you, I’ll let you know. Archan additionally says that Bigg Boss you too have had sufficient. After this, Arkashan says that he’s not seen talking English, he’s not seen sleeping. After this, Bigg Boss’s voice comes that Archana is saying that we discriminate and Bigg Boss doesn’t see solely Archana and the remainder of the housemates. Bigg Boss angrily says that activism is vital to your well being as properly for us and therefore we’re highlighting this punishment and one punishment goes to the entire home. Nobody will get fever and nobody will get sick as a result of this punishment. On this, Bigg Boss says that it is best to keep half the ration of Shiva’s home. Whereas after Archana, Swari speaks and says that I’ll take this sentence. Later, all of the members of the family get offended on Archana.

all archana ghar sound kori bolti
Within the kitchen, Tina hugs Shaleen. Later Sajid asks Shalin about his emotions for Tina. They later talk about Gautam and Soundarya’s relationship. Sajid says that their affair appears to be actual, whereas Shaleen and Stan oppose it. After this, Bigg Boss inaugurated a brand new zone in the home. Nimrit and Tina win the particular dish from that zone. After this, Kaise Sajada explains to Rachna that he was improper within the work of the sentence. Later, Shiva, Abdu, Nimrit and Stan are seen having enjoyable within the guard space. Whereas Dhyan tries to make one thing within the kitchen to make the home completely happy. Archana additionally apologizes to Bigg Boss. After this, Bigg Boss sends relationships in the home and says that Ankit, Preeti, Shaleen and Soundarya are additionally in outdated water, in order that they slept solely after sharing earlier than sleeping. After this everybody says that Bigg Boss retains everybody’s insurance policies.

Shaleen needs Tina a really particular birthday. He writes a birthday want message for Tina on the mirror. Later Archana provides Shaleen some candy sweets to present to Tina. Whose brow of first rate Tina is seen. Additionally talks about Abhishek, Soundarya and Nimrit in addition to Tina and Shaleen’s relationship. With this, the episode of the 57th day of Bigg Boss is over. Tomorrow Bigg Boss asks Shiv to call the brand new captain and Shiv mentions Nimrit’s identify to him, Tina will get offended and says that Nimrit’s captaincy will go in three days.

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