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HEC basic performance presentation

GinShiCel HE Series
Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

GinShiCel HE Series, which is Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, is a white to off-white cellulose ether that is hot and cold water soluble, but have limited organic solubilities. It has excellent water retention, film-forming, salt tolerance, and thickening functions. GinShiCel HE Series possesses excellent color compatibility, making it the ideal additive for latex paint applications.

In addition to latex paint formulations, GinShiCel HE Series products are also used in other industrial applications such as: oil field production, textile dyeing and printing, textile latex coatings, binders, adhesives, and etc.


GinShiCel HE Series Data Sheet

Criterion Grades available
Appearance White or off-white powder
Molar Substitution 1.8-2.0
Non water soluable ≤0.5
Moisture % ≤7.0
Residue % ≤5.0
pH 6.0-8.5

GinShiCel HE viscosity chart

Low Viscosity Medium Viscosity High Viscosity
HE Product
Viscosity GinShiCel
HE Product
Viscosity GinShiCel
HE Product
16 5000* 96 2650 256 4950
21 1350 112 2950 336 6000
48 2350 128 3750    

viscosity are measured by Brookfield Viscometor with 1% solution at 25 celsius, except GinShiCel HE 16, which is measured at 2%

Packaging and Storage

The product is packed in multi-ply paper bags with an inner polyethylene layer. Net weight 25KG. The empty bags can be recycled or burned. In unopened bags, this product can last several years. In opened bags, the moisture content of this product will be influenced by air humidity. See MSDS for in formation on handling, transportation, and storage of the product.